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November 2013 - Articles JMJ
José Miguel Júdice and Pedro Metello Nápoles, Partners of PLMJ’s arbitration team (and the latter also Head of PLMJ Angola Desk) wrote an article for The European, Middle Eastern and African Arbitration about the new Portuguese Arbitration Law. See the text in the PDF below.
August 2013 - Articles JMJ
Jose Miguel Judice has been invited to write the Preface of the July 2013 edition of YAR (Young Arbitration Review). See the text in the PDF below.
May 2013
Jose Miguel Judice wrote a paper for a Liber Amicorum of leading international arbitrators Bernardo Cremades and Yves Derains about how to obtain a good arbitral award. The book was published by Instituto Peruano de Arbitraje in April 2013. See the article in pdf below.
April 2013 - ITA
Dated April 24th 2013, published on the Official Journal at May 9th 2013