June 2005
The managing bodies of “Alumni”- Associação dos Antigos Estudantes da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra” (Association of Former Students of the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra) entered into office, the Direction now being presided by Professor Faria e Costa.   José Miguel Júdice, PLMJ founder partner, is one of...
May 2005
The Founding Partner of PLMJ and former President of the Portuguese Bar Association (2002-4), José Miguel Júdice, participated in the meeting of the Council of the International Bar Association held in Lisbon. The IBA is the largest association of lawyers in the world and this entity is formed by a representative of each Bar Association...
May 2005
The new by-laws of the Portuguese Bar Association will be the object of the conference organized by the Lisbon District Council of the Portuguese Bar. José Miguel Júdice, PLMJ senior and founder partner was invited to be a speaker in the conference.The same shall be attended only by lawyers and legal practice trainees
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