Arbitration Texts


April 2016 - Arbitration Rules
By António Pinto Monteiro and Artur Flamínio da Silva

"Good faith in arbitration"

September 2015 - Doctrine
Duarte G Henriques, ASA, 33 (3) See article:
July 2015 - Arbitration Rules
Seemingly not a month goes by without a new arbitral institution springing up, from Turkey to Bulgaria, from Georgia to Jerusalem, and from Cambodia to Rwanda. Establishing a new arbitration center, however, is not simply a matter of finding office space or picking a name. In fact, picking a name can barely even be considered a task at all—it is almost pre-ordained that christening a new institution simply means deciding on how to combine the words “arbitration,” “international,” the name of the host city/state, and “center” (or “centre”), and possibly a term like “commercial” thrown in as something akin to literary flare in the realm of arbitral institution monikers.
March 2015 - Doctrine