September 2018
José-Miguel Júdice speaks at the Brazilian Arbitration Forum, an event that will take place until tomorrow in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce and with the sponsorship of the CAM-CCBC Centro de Arbitragem e Mediação.
December 2017
23 February 2018 Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
October 2017
With Manuel Castelo-Branco, Carlos Aguiar, Francisco Prol, Paula Costa e Silva, Carlos Alberto Carmona, Duarte G. Henriques, Sofia Vale, João Ribeiro-Bidaoui, and João Vilhena Valério The massive programme of investments that will take place under the “One Belt, one Road” (OBOR) initiative of the People’s Republic of China leaves no one...
September 2017
José Miguel Júdice, together with Professor Paula Costa e Silva and Mr Duarte Gorjão Henriques, will give a class at China Foreign Affairs University about "New challenges for new international arbitration practitioners" the next 20th September.